Dads' Projects 

These projects, often run during the weekend, provide a wonderful opportunity for parents, who might have to go out and work, to spend quality time with their children in a safe and structured environment. Dads are able to have fun with their chilrden, meet staff from the Children’s Centre, learn about child development and get the opportunity to meet other dads. This  builds community spirit and social capital in a very tangible way. Having a male leader of the project means that the sessions are far more accessible to some who might otherwise feel intimidated in a female dominated environment. 

"Rogan’s activities provide a rare opportunity for fathers to bond with their children in a safe environment: they are able to “be dads” without any distractions.” (Cheadle Children's Centre Leader, Stockport)

"Excellent. Very well organised, really enjoyed it" (Dad's feedback from Reddish Children's Centre)

"Really enjoyed all the sessions and the way they were adapted for all ages, as my daughter is under 1"(Dad's feedback from Reddish Children's Centre)